I think personal photography projects are fascinating.   Photography is a very personal and creative process and personal projects usually involve making photos of things that the photographer is very passionate about.  I love to read about why people photograph the objects and the people they do.

Photography projects can be as varied as the many photographers who take the pictures.  Personal projects include everything from taking one picture each day or each week, to only using film instead of digital, or taking a series of pictures of the same object.  Projects can also be centered around a theme as specific as children’s toys, abandoned building, selfies, food, and dogs.  The possibilities are endless.

I recently came across a personal project called “Persona”  by Jason Travis.  He photographs people and the contents of their bags.  I love this project.   It is a fun surprise to see what people carry around with them in their bags.  I think what we own tells a lot about us.  Travis said about this about his project, “The idea is in the name; I wanted to show how we use our possessions to define ourselves, to create our personas. The things don’t make the person, they’re manifestations of the self. ” (You can watch a short video about his project here)

After enjoying Travis’ pictures I decided to make my own picture of the contents of my purse.   You can thank me later  for not including all of the used Kleenex, bits of cheerios, and crumbs.

What do you think?  Do the contents of my purse tell something about me?  Are you surprised by any of the items?  What do the contents of your bag say about you?
Photography Projects | 64 Degrees North

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