Almost two years ago, for Shawn’s 40th birthday, we decided to get away for the weekend,  just the two of us, to Anchorage.   We had a fabulous time just being together.  On our commute  home, Shawn pulled off the highway onto a side road that I had never been on before.  Just offf the road was a parking lot and a trail head.  “Do you want to go for a little hike, up to a waterfall,” he said.   I had no idea there was a waterfall anywhere in the area and was so excited to trek up the trail for a glimse of the falls.   We had a splendid hike through the woods.  I took pictures and we talked about all of the different plants in the area that are so different from the plants we have just 7 hours away.  The hike was perfect not too hard or too long, and the majestic falls did not disappoint.

That experience is what prompted me to recommend that we detour onto the same side road on our way home from a weekend trip to Anchorage with our family last weekend.  Again the weather was glorious, the hike was just right, the falls were majestic, and the company was fabulous. Ak Hike10

Ak Hike12

Ak Hike13

Ak Hike14

Ak Hike20

Ak Hike21

Ak Hike22



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