There, I finally took a selfie.  Maybe this doesn’t technically count, but I’m in there, so I’m counting it.   Lately, I have been feeling guilty about not taking selfies.    Well, not really guilty about not taking selfies, I’ve been  feeling guilty that I don’t have more pictures of me with my children and pictures of Shawn and me together.  We just spent a week in Vegas together  and we didn’t even  take one picture of the two of us together.  (not counting the picture taken of us at the Mandalay Bay Shark Tank, where they inserted a computer generated shark into the picture that looked like he was  about to chomp my head off, and then they wanted me to pay 40 bucks to get the horrid thing printed. I don’t think so. )  So, my new goal is to get a selfie, or at least get in the picture, more often.

In other news, we have the 36 hour stomach flu at our house.  Shawn had it first, then Logan, then me.  I had it Tuesday evening through Wednesday night.  Next, was Tabetha’s turn , and now Jarom and Hannah are down.  Avoid us like the plague people, cuz that’s what we have.

P.S.  I do love this picture because the ONLY time he will cuddle is when I lay by him to get him to sleep.

1000 Moments of Joy — Moment 187.  Nap Time



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