Moment 177.

KateLynn had birthday this month and is 7 years old.  My how fast they grow.

KateLynn birthday001

KateLynn has sure grown up this past year. She is a great big sister and just loves being a little mother to Camdon. She has a big heart and is such a sweetheart. She is the first one on the scene to see if she can help if anyone is hurt or sick. She is also Hannah and Mya’s protector when it comes to killing spiders or ridding the room a big bug of some kind.

KateLynn is incredibly artistic and she says she wants to be an artist when she grows up. She is always painting, drawing or creating something. I introduced her to a hot glue gun this summer, and her creations have taken on a whole new dimension. Most of the art she creates she gives away to her family and friends as gifts.

Here are a Few of  her Favorite Things

Favorite Food: Pizza
Color(s): Red
Primary Song: I Love to See The Temple
Game: Matching Game
Friends: Lasette, Simon, Skyler, Hunter, Robert
Book: Puff the Magic Dragon
Movie: Lion King II
Scripture Story: Nephi got the plates of Brass
Soda: Root Beer
Candy Bar: Chocolate
Family Activity: Watch t.v. together
Animal: Giraffe
What do you want to be when you grow up: A Vet
What makes you happy? My family

For each of my children this year I wanted to do a photo shoot of them somewhere that show a bit about them and who they are.   I thought and thought about where I could do a photo shoot with Katie and realized that she is most herself, and I will always remember her at this age, sitting at the kitchen table doing her art projects.  She loves art and the paint stains on the table prove it.

KateLynn Drawing003

KateLynn Drawing004

KateLynn Drawing001

KateLynn Drawing002

KateLynn Drawing005 copy

Happy Birthday KateLynn, you sure add spice to our family!

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