Thanks for joining me as I document 1000 moments that have brought me joy as a wife and mother.

170. I love KateLynn’s art work.  She is always at the table creating something.  I taught her how to use the hot glue gun a couple of months ago, and that has opened up a whole new world to her, that and googlie eyes.
collage 1 Katie's Art work

171.  Tabetha helped the little girls make a chain so they could keep track of how many days until KateLynn’s birthday, Tabetha’s birthday, and Christmas day.  They take a link off every day and count the ones left over and over and over.DSC_0551

172. Tabetha got her braces off, Yah!        173.  And, she let me take her picture, TWICE, in one day!


174.  Mya loves to play with our nativity sets.  We have 4 different ones and she is always playing with one.


175.  Logan showing Camdon the Christmas lights.  He sure loves having a little brother.


176.  I love this picture of them looking at the lights with their legs under the tree.



Check out this short video  of Stephanie Nielson speaking at the Utah first lady’s ball where she shares her love and passion for motherhood.  She is such an inspiration to me, because she finds so much joy and satisfaction in being a mother.


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