A Walk in the Mud

The roads around our house have finally dried up enough to get the bikes and stroller out and go for a walk, so that’s just what we did!

spring walk

Camdon loved the ride.  I kept thinking he was going to start fussing with all of the stopping I did to take pictures, but he never did.  He just sat in his stroller as content as could be.
Spring Walk in Alaska

Yes, Mya’s bike really leans to one side.  I have no idea why.

And there is still enough mud to make traveling a bit troublesome when you are little and riding a tricycle.

spring walk2

Hannah had a friend over that day and the 3 girls had fun speeding away on their bikes as fast as they could go.DSC_0317

Note:  This is a giant puddle not a pond.DSC_0321

Throwing rocks in the water.

At about this point, Mya decided to ditch her bike on the side of the road and walk with me.  It was just too hard on a tricycle.DSC_0334


More rocks in the water.  The next morning when I drove past, the water was completely frozen over again.DSC_0358

The road leads down to a small airplane runway.   We like to stop and have a look at the planes,

and sometimes we are lucky enough to watch one take off or land.


Headed home.


1000 Moments of Joy — Moment 191

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living arrows


Mya Gracie Pooh, age 5.

I can’t decide which picture I like better, so I’m posting both.


I love the look of the black and white, but I also love the colored picture, because  Mya has such beautiful eyes.  DSC_0608

Mya is such a sweetheart.  When she was a toddler I thought she was going to be the death of me, or at the least, take years off my life, but I’m happy to say that she has grown, matured, and become a peaceful, happy, preschooler, who is a joy to be around.

1000 Moments of Joy — Moment 189


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Simple Things Sunday - my favorite weekly photo share

Vegas Baby!


Shawn and I just got back from a week long trip to Vegas, with only one child in tow, and although it wasn’t my favorite place in the world, okay it’s one of my least favorite places in the world, I did have a wonderful time with my husband.  I sure love that guy and after almost 10 years of marriage I’m happy to report that he still loves me, at least I’m fairly certain he does.

More pictures coming soon with highlights of our trip.  Viva Las Vegas Baby!

1000 Moments of Joy — Moment 186. Vacation with my sweetie




Revelations and Moments 180-185

180. Even though he is so sad, I still smile when I see this picture. He’s just so cute.

I’ve had several revelations, in the last couple of months, about my photography, that have really led to me enjoying my camera more and to me taking a lot more photos of my children.  The first revelation I had, came after  I read a  series of blog posts  by photographer, and BFF Amy’s sister, Tammy Smith, about finding your creative voice and about taking images that really inspire you.  I realized from her posts, that the images I really enjoyed taking were candid, everyday, honest images of real life and not posed, staged  images.   I love telling a story with the pictures I take and I love to be able to show the connections and love that family members feel for each other in candid everyday moments.   Truth be told, I’ve known for a long time that candid photos are my favorite, but reading Tammy’s posts I finally felt justified in my likes and dislikes and I felt like I had the permission now to pursue what it was I really loved.  I think before I felt like being a photographer meant that I needed to take posed pictures, of dressed up people, in fabulous outdoor locations, and all this done in glorious light, and there’s nothing wrong with those kind of pictures.  We all want a picture like that to hang on out living room wall, but those just aren’t what inspire me.  This led to my second revelation.

I live in Alaska, and 9 months out of the year I have terrible light, and can’t go outside to any location.  I realized one day that I don’t live in Florida, (or insert any warm state here with glorious weather and light 12 months of the year) so I just need to get over it already and get my camera out even if I don’t have what I think are ideal circumstances.   I have to make do with what I have.  So my pictures are going to be more grainy than other peoples, oh well.  This is me, working with what I have.  My pictures and my voice are going to be unique, and I want it to be that way anyway.

Which leads me to my third, and final, revelation.  I need to take more pictures of my children to tell our story, and if I like the pictures I take, that is all that counts.  It doesn’t matter if everything is technically correct, or that anyone else likes it.   As long as I am getting my camera out, and I’m happy doing it, that’s what matters.

By letting go of all my preconceived notions of what photography has to be, it has let me enjoy using my camera, given me the confidence to try new things, and has allowed me to find so much more joy in photographing my children.

Now, with that all said, here are a few of my favorite pictures over the past couple of weeks with the people that inspire me the most.  They tell a bit of our story. and they bring me joy.

181.  KateLynn and her hair.  She has started brushing it and putting it in a ponytail all by herself.  DSC_0811

182.  I love Hannah’s expression as she examines her new birthday present. DSC_0915_edited-1

183. Watching Netflix when they should be going to bed.DSC_1148

184.  Tabetha doing her nightly chore, the dishes.DSC_0626 copy_edited-1

185. Early morning card game on mom’s bed.DSC_1066

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