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This handsome boy graduated from his nursery class (for kids 18 months to 3 years) today at church and moved in to the older Sunbeam class  (for ages 3-4).  It as bitter sweet for me to see him move up.  My baby isn’t a baby, he isn’t even a toddler, he is a pre-schooler now!  Where does the time go?  And while I am feeling sorry for myself because he is growing up so quickly, I am really enjoying the fun kid he is now and am excited about all he is learning and becoming.

And I guess I am feeling a bit about the new year in the same way.  I’m sad 2016 is going.  It was a great year!  Our Epic Adventure was incredible, and we learned and grew so much as a family.  It’s hard to say good-bye to a year with so many good memories.  One more year means my kids are a year older, Jarom will be moving out in 2017, and another hole will be added to our family.  But, in spite of everything I’m mourning, I’m also really looking forward to the new year and all the new possibilities it holds.  I’m looking forward to growth, learning, and new opportunities not only for me but for my kids as well.

Life really is a magnificent adventure………… I just wish my emotions didn’t always have to be so mixed up about everything.


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