DSC_0476_edited-1Last week, at least I think it was last week, my days are getting so jumbled up lately, we visited Leavenworth Washington, a quaint little Bavarian town in the mountains.  The town decided to become a Bavarian themed town after several key businesses left the area. The economy was suffering so they decided on a plan to save the town, and it worked.  People come from all over to see this unique town.

The town council has a special committee trained in Bavarian architecture and culture and any new businesses must have their signs, and new building plans approved by the committee.  It’s like being transported to another place.   In the winter, I’m told, they have a fabulous Christmas festival.


We walked around and enjoyed seeing all the little shops.




It was 95* outside the day we went, and one business was nice enough to have a water mister outside their shop that the younger kids enjoyed playing in.  It cooled them right off.


Our favorite shop was a beautiful Christmas shop.   They had so many beautiful Christmas decorations and ornaments.



All the shops and up and down the streets on the light posts were the most beautiful hanging baskets.  All the flowers were so pretty.


We ended our visit to Leavenworth with ice cream in the park and the little kids rolled down the grassy hill while the boys played Pokemon Go.  Yes, my kids have succumbed to the craze as well.


One thing that we have really enjoyed is face timing Shawn while we are out and about.  When we are doing something fun that I think he would like to see I face time him and he gets to enjoy it with us.  He watched the kids roll down the hill, and got to see a little of the town.  We have also called him from the beach several time and while we are roasting marshmallows.  It helps us, and hopefully him, not be so lonesome.

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