We’ve traveled 6,000 miles and been gone for 55 days.  Holy moly!!!!  Where has the time gone?  Time certainly does fly when you are having fun.  As I said in my last post, the first phase of your trip, visiting family, is over.  We left Tricia’s house in Moses Lake, Washington on Thursday and we stayed our first night in a 1000 Trails campground on the shores of the Columbia River, in Crescent Bar, Washington.  I bought a 1000 Trails membership and we wouldn’t be able to do this trip without it.  I was fortunate enough to get my membership when it was “buy one zone, get one zone free.”  so we can see the whole west coast.

Our first experience at 1000 Trails was great.  Everything was clean and well taken care of.  The pool, although small, was very nice and warm.  We had full hookups at our site and warm showers steps away from our door.  So far, I have been very happy I decided to get a membership.

We spent 4 nights at Crescent Bar, on the river.  While we were there we went swimming twice a day, explored the nearby little town,  went swimming in the river, and went to church on Sunday to a very friendly ward in Quincy, Washington.  My sister Tricia lives close enough that she and her family came to visit us, and went swimming with us at our pool, and we visited her on Sunday, one last time before we left on Monday.   All in all it was a great time.

As for our travels, this is the first time I remember ever being in eastern Washington.  My uncle was married in Spokane when I was 4 or 5.  I know that I flew up to Spokane with my mom and that we all drove back with my dad, but other than vaguely remembering being on the plane I have no remembrance of the trip at all.  I’ve also, been to the Seattle airport a million times, and Shawn and I even ventured into Seattle when we had a 10 hour layover once, but other than that I haven’t seen any of Washington.  Seeing the Columbia River for the first time was awesome.  I had no idea it was so big.  I really was shocked.  I was also surprised about how dry eastern Washington is, and also, how may fruit farms there are.  I thought the area would be much more urban than rural.  I think it’s beautiful and I am really enjoying seeing new sights and adventuring where I have never been.

We left our spot on the banks of the Columbia River yesterday, and are now enjoying the mountains of central Washington, more unexplored territory.  It is safe to say that I am thoroughly enjoying life on the road.   The only thing that would make it better would be to have Shawn with us.  I am missing him like crazy.






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