I am getting so far behind on blogging!  Aaaahhhh.  What I’ve decided to do since I’m behind and getting farther behind by the day is to share what we have been doing recently and then insert past things here and there.  That way I’m not just getting further and further behind.

Lowry Family Epic Adventure2

Last week we spent the week with Shawn’s sister Lydia.  She lives in a lovely little valley in the mountains of Idaho.  Her house is on a hill surrounded by pine trees and you can watch the deer from the hammock while you rest outside.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Shawn’s mother grew up in this quiet little valley, and Shawn spent every summer until he was 16 here.  He spent him summers helping his grandfather, playing with cousins, haying, riding horses, swimming, and getting into mischief.  It was so fun to hear his stories as we drove around and saw all the sights of boyhood summer home.

One thing that he did every summer was float the river.  It’s a just the sort of river that begs to be floated on a hot, lazy summer afternoon, so that’s just what we did.  It took us about 2.5 hours to float the section we did.  A couple of the girl’s, (Katie and Mya) thought it was boring after having floated the much more exciting river in Lava Hot Springs the week before, but Camdon loved it and kept yelling, “This is awesome,” from the top of his lungs which was the exact opposite of what he was saying floating the Lava River.  I personally thought it was just right.

Today’s pictures are brought to you courtesy of Jarom and his waterproof camera.  Thanks, Jarom!

Lowry Family Epic Adventure1


Lowry Family Epic Adventure3

Lowry Family Epic Adventure4

Lowry Family Epic Adventure5

Lowry Family Epic Adventure6

Lowry Family Epic Adventure7


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