Liard Hot Springs was a little bit of heaven in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.  After a 10 minute walk from the camp ground, on a boardwalk over very swampy ground, we arrived at a tropical paradise.  It was heavenly.


The beautiful wooden pavilion houses the dressing rooms, and the wooden deck under the awning leads to stairs down into two separate pools.  The upper pool is fed by the hot spring, and the lower pool is filled by the overflow of the upper pool.  The water is very hot at the mouth of the spring and is cooler the farther away from the spring head.  This was wonderful because if you were cold you  could move up closer to the spring, or if you got hot you could move farther away.  The dirt walls around you are carved by the running stream , and underneath your feet are the tiny rocks of the stream bed.  The water flowed through the second pool and wound its way around corners as the walls of the stream bed narrowed.  I didn’t venture as far back as the stream bed went.  It was too cold and too narrow.

When we arrived a good friend of ours from North Pole, AK was there swimming.  He was driving to the lower 48 as well, and had stopped there for a bit of relaxation like us.  It was sure fun to see a familiar face.

We enjoyed it so much we spent the whole evening there, and then the girls and I went back the next morning before we left.  The best part about our time there was that I just got to enjoy my children.  I got to just BE with them without any obligations, or appointments, or “you should be doing _________” , or “I should be doing______”   “we have to hurry because”.   I just got to enjoy our time together, and it was so refreshing.  I don’t have enough of those moments with my children, but I’m hoping this trip provides a lot more.

Lowry Family Epic Adventure | 64 degrees north | Kim Lowry Photography

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 014

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 009

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 017

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 018

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 020

Lowry Family Epic Adventure | 64 Degrees N | Kim Lowry Photography

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 024

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 026

Lowry Family Epic Adventure 027

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