Friday, June 3, 2016            875 Miles Traveled            Stop #19

We camped our second night in a camp ground just outside Watson Lake.  We arrived late, we got up late, and then hurried to get out and on the road again.  We stopped at the sign forest in Watson Lake.  There are over 78,000 signs there.  The kids thought it was fabulous.  There were rows and rows of signs from places and people all over the world.  I wish I had thought about bringing or making a sign for us to add to the sign forest as a remembrance of our epic adventure.
Watson Lake Sign Forest 1

Watson Lake Sign Forest 2

Watson Lake Sign Forest 3

Watson Lake Sign Forest 4

Watson Lake Sign Forest 6

There were also some really old pieces of heavy equipment, an old backhoe, bulldozer, crane and others I couldn’t identify  The kids played and played on them.  Camdon was in heaven moving and pulling all the levers.  You can sure tell they are children of a heavy equipment operator.

Watson Lake Sign Forest 7

Watson Lake Sign Forest 8

We also got groceries in Watson Lake, and then we hurried on down the road to Liard Hot Springs just 135 miles away.  I had been promising the kids since we got on the road that we would stop there to camp and swim.  We had planned on stopping there the 2nd night, but we just weren’t traveling as fast as I thought we would be traveling.  However, being able to have a short driving day on day 3 and being able to enjoy some time out of the car was so nice.

We got to Liard Hot Springs mid afternoon and it was heavenly, the camp ground was nice, the water was perfect, and the kids and I had the best time.

Part 2 of day 3 Liard Hot Springs… To be continued….



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