The first night on the road we stopped at a great little rv park on the banks of spectacular Kluane Lake.  We pulled in around 12:30 local time, and there was a hand written note on the door of the office that said we could pick our own site and pay in the morning.  In the morning we woke up to the most fabulous views of the mountains and the lake.  It was like being in camping heaven.  I could have stayed there for days.

While we were there we met Joireen.  She and her husband are retired and are spending their days biking from Anchorage, Alaska to Mexico and then to their home in Phoenix.   (You can read about their awesome journey here.   This post is the spot we met her.)   Listening to her talk, I was so inspired by what they were doing, but my immediate thought was: I could never do that.  As we were driving that day, I thought more about Joireen and her adventure, and I had a little talk with myself.   Why couldn’t I do what she is doing?  She didn’t look like she was super human.  (Sorry Joireen)  Instead of saying “I can’t”  I thought about the reasons I might not be doing what she is doing.  Am I too scared to do what she is doing?  Do I not want to put the hard work in it takes to do what they are doing?  Or is it something I’m just not interested in doing?  It isn’t a priority right now?

How many things do I automatically say, “I can’t” to, before I really examine the possibilities.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that something isn’t a priority to me, or that I’m not interested in that, but is the real reason I’m saying I can’t, because I’m too scared to try.  I don’t want my life to be dictated by the things I scared of, and I don’t want my children seeing me living my life by the things I’m afraid of, either.  I want them to see me saying “I can,” and see me working toward my dreams and the things that are important to me, so that they will also have the courage to say “I can.”  Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to be biking to Mexico anytime soon.  It isn’t a priority right now, but I’m learning that I can do anything that I’m willing to put my time and energy into accomplishing.









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