I’ve been lamenting, a bit, this spring that my running/walking partner (I run, he walks) a.k.a my wonderful husband, has kind of lost interest in running/walking, and has been too busy working on my vehicle getting it ready to go for the trip, to run/walk with me.  As I was pondering and bemoaning this problem the other day, I realized that Hannah Banana has been dying to do the Color Run.  She had wanted to do it last year, but for some reason we missed it, and it has been on her mind ever since.  This spring she started insisting we sign up so we wouldn’t miss it again, and once I had committed to running it with her, she has been pushing me to go running with her so she can train.  Hannah is very persistent when she wants something, and when I say very I mean very, Very, VERY,  and I realized that I had the perfect new running partner right in front of me and I hadn’t even realized it.


Saturday was the Color Run, and it just so happened that it was also my birthday.  What a way to celebrate another year of life.  Hannah and I had so much fun together.  It was the perfect mother/daughter date, and it was something that I think we will always remember.   We didn’t do a lot of training, but we did some and we ran the race in 41 minutes.  We weren’t the fastest, but we weren’t the slowest either.

Hannah is already insisting that we continue our running through the summer, and I’m so happy that I have such a fun, energetic, and persistent new running partner.




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