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I am slowly but surely checking off my to do list for our trip.  Here is how it is looking so far:

To Do List (the condensed version)

  • Buy camp trailer that is big enough to fit us all  CHECK
  • Get passports renewed for the kids, because we will be crossing the US/Canadian border CHECK
  • Get notarised letter from Jarom and Logan’s father saying I can take them over the US/Canadian border  CHECK
  • New tires CHECK, and whatever else Shawn is doing to my Suburban CHECK mostly
  • Buy 1000 Trails Campground membership  CHECK
  • Potty Train Camdon  CHECK  (although I don’t know if this will be a help or a hindrance)
  • Get MiFi so we can have internet  CHECK
  • Get a backpack to carry Camdon in CHECK
  • Finalize and plan first leg of the trip  CHECK mostly
  • Yard Sale CHECK  I made a whopping $.50
  • Practice driving and backing up the trailer  (insert scared emoji here)
  • Deep clean house
  • Clean Yard
  • Edit 3 photo sessions
  • Pack
  • Get a root canal, seriously I think I need one before we go. 🙁
  • Make out a menu of things I can actually cook in our trailer.  I don’t have an oven so this could be tricky.
  • Spend all our money CHECK
  • Go crazy CHECK (was already)

When I started this post I was thinking I was doing pretty well on my list, but after writing it all out here I’m freaking out a bit.  I better get a move on.  We will be on the road in less than 3 weeks.


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