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Winter is here.  Sadly, it arrived early and in September, this year.  It’s not that I don’t think it’s beautiful, I do.   It is extremely beautiful.  It’s just that winter here is soooooooo long already that I would have loved having a nice long fall before it arrived.  We usually get a little bit of snow the end of September, but real winter usually doesn’t arrive until the first or second week of October.

Well, so far, we have already had 2 record-breaking snow storms, both before October first.  The first was last Friday.  We got over 6 inches, which broke the record for the most snow for this time of year.  It stuck around for 3 days then the the rain melted it away.   It was enough for the kids to get really excited about winter, and enough that they were able to have a snowball fight and roll big giant balls of snow that were supposed to become snowmen.

Then on Tuesday, we had another record-breaking snow storm.  This time we got around 12 inches in 24 hours.   It was heavy wet snow and trees came down all over the valley.  15,000 people were without power and as of last night, 48 hours later, there were still around 6,000 people without power.   Schools closed down, and the roads were dangerously icy.  It was a crazy reminder that we still live in Alaska, Alaskan winters are long, and Alaska is still wild and untamed.

Snow in September | 64 Degrees North(After the first storm)

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