Knowing that Tabetha was going away to college at the end of summer and that this would be our last chance to take a family picture before she left, I desperately wanted to get out and get a great family picture.   I tried all summer, but with Tabetha and Jarom each holding down summer jobs and Logan playing football it was nearly impossible to get everyone’s schedules to match up to make it happen.  The stars eventually aligned in my favor, however, and I was finally able to get everyone together for a few photos the day before Tabetha left for school.  Talk about waiting until the last minute.

For the pictures, I set the camera up on a tripod and then set the timer on the camera and ran back and forth from the camera to the family, camera to family.   I seriously need to get a remote.

I love how they turned out.  The top one is my absolute favorite and I want to print it out really large and hang it in my entry way above my door.

Lowry Family Pictures 2015





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