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At the Lowry house we have a little known family tradition of predicting what will happen in the upcoming year.   Most of the time they are pretty silly, sometimes they are strange, and sometimes they come true.   One year Hannah predicted we would get a horse and Shawn predicted that he would get a new truck.  My prediction was that Shawn would definitely NOT get a new truck, and Hannah’s prediction of getting a horse was so far fetched that I didn’t even need to address it.  Well that year, Shawn got a new truck and Hannah got her horse.  Too bad Katie’s prediction that year, of us getting a million dollars didn’t come true.

Now, without further ado here are our 2015 predictions:

Shawn:  I will go sky diving this year.

Kimberly: BFF Amy and I are going to be amazing at the Honolulu Marathon in December.

Tabetha:  I will finish War and Peace this year.

Jarom:  I will be drafted by the NHL.

Logan:  I will get my learners driving permit after failing the written test only once.

Hannah:  Nat and Taylor are going to have a baby.  (Nat and Taylor are my sister and brother-in-law)

Katie:  Tabetha is going to get a boyfriend.

Mya:  Tabetha will have a good time at work

Camdon:  He didn’t make a prediction, but we all predict he will just continue to get cuter and cuter this year.



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