Along with having a pajama fashion show on Christmas Eve, another of our Christmas Eve traditions is having shepherd’s pie and sparkling cider for dinner by candlelight.    Some of the kids even said it was their favorite meal of the year.DSC_0945


Christmas morning came early.  Katie, and Mya woke Logan up at 5:00 and had fun looking in their stockings, playing in their new tee pee, and sorting presents.  They finally convinced the rest of us to drag our tired bodies out of bed at 7:00.   A few of the kids thought they were going to die waiting for me to stick the turkey in the oven before we opened presents.  I’m happy to report that they did survive the wait, and after the turkey was shoved in the oven we took turns opening presents.  Lowry Family Christmas 2014006

Some of the favorite gifts included:

this horse head mask Tabetha gave Logan  Lowry Family Christmas 2014001

Katie’s flippers and scuba mask, which she continues to call a scuda  mask. Lowry Family Christmas 2014002

and Camdon’s ball tower.  He played with that toy for hours.  Lowry Family Christmas 2014004After we were done opening presents I had a really long nap, and we just relaxed and took it easy the rest of the day.  The turkey was done around 4, I made rolls, and we just had a light dinner, snacked on goodies, and watched a few of our favorite Studio C videos.  DSC_0979

Lowry Family Christmas 2014003

Lowry Family Christmas 2014005


I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

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