Afternoon at Home

I consider myself a homebody.    Home is my favorite place to be.  In fact, there are a certain number of hours each day I feel I must be home in order to function properly.  There are also a certain number of hours I feel I need to be home in order to make my house run properly, and when I’m not at home enough, things quickly descend into chaos and I don’t operate well in chaos.   When the big things like the laundry don’t get done,  the house doesn’t get clean,  and  my kids are grouchy from being off their normal schedules, I become  a mad woman.   Also, when I’m not at home,  I  don’t have time to do the little things that naturally,  make things run smoother, like making out a menu and a grocery list.  Without a grocery list I can not  function at the grocery store.  I’m like a crazy person grabbing random things off the store shelves with no rhyme or reason.  I get home and realize I just spent $300 on groceries and still don’t have anything that can be put together to resemble any kind of an eatable meal.  And, this is how my life has been the last couple of months.  Mad, wild, crazy woman, with wild, crazy kids, because I have been shuttling big kids here and there and everywhere, and never staying at home.  My sanity has been suffering, my house has been suffering, and my family has been suffering.  And, just when I couldn’t take it any more, and I was worried my husband was going to have to have me committed, Tabetha got her drivers license and I got my life back.  My world has changed for the better.   I’ve been home 3 afternoons in the last week, and I feel like I can breathe again.  Life is good and my house is slowly getting put back together.

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