When I was little I loved gymnastics.  I had a red leotard with a white stripe on the each side, and I had a foam mat that I would put on the living room floor.  I would practice my somersaults and cartwheels for hours on that mat.  I remember watching Mary Lou Retton win a gold metal at the Olympics and telling my parents that I wanted to be a gymnasticer when I grew up.   Well, I didn’t grow up to be a gymnasticer or a gymnast for that matter, but I have continued to watch and enjoy gymnastics in the Olympics.   I guess it’s no surprise that a bit of my love for gymnastics has rubbed off onto at least one of my children.

Hannah started taking gymnastics last year and loves it.  She practices and practices and works and works.  I can’t tell you how many times she has told me that she needs her own balance beam so she can practice more here at home.  She has excelled and was thrilled that she won three blue ribbons and a red ribbon in her end of the year competition.   She got blues is balance beam, floor, and bars and red in vault.  Good job Hannah!  Hard work pays off.


Hannah gymnastics

Hannah on beam from Kim Lowry on Vimeo.

Hannah bars from Kim Lowry on Vimeo.

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