My little man is 10 months old already!  Ten going on 5 years old I think!  He is growing so fast and wanting to do everything the big kids are doing.

At 10 months Camdon:

  • can crawl
  • walks along furniture
  • would rather walk than crawl
  • has 2 teeth on the bottom, and 2 teeth on the top, with 2 more on the top ready to pop through any day now
  • LOVES his big brothers and sisters
  • LOVES to drink anything and everything
  • doesn’t like to cuddle
  • hates getting in his high chair and car seat, but once he does he is fine
  • is a very happy, easy-going baby
  • just started exploring the house
  • prefers to sleep with mom and dad than in his own bed
  • HATES getting dressed
  • Loves baths
  • brings so much love and joy to our family

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Camdon over the last 2 months.







I guess this is what he thinks of his first hair cut.  Doesn’t it make him look so much more grown up?  His hair needed it desperately, but I was so sad after I had done it, because he just wasn’t a little baby anymore.  camdon14



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