Our church encourages families to set aside one night a week to spend time together as a family, and we call that night Family Home Evening or FHE for short.  Last week, for FHE we had our first marshmallow roast of the season.   I am happy to report that there were a great many marshmallows roasted, some, not all caught on fire, s’mores were made, and a good time was had by all.

Ak smores  (13)

Ak smores  (25)


Ak smores  (21)

Ak smores  (24)

Ak smores  (19)

Ak smores  (23)

Ak smores  (20)

collage 1

Ak smores  (17)

 “The purpose of the family home evening is to draw families together in love and sweet association, to open the doors of communication between parents and children, to make them happy they live together and belong to one another–eternally.” -Boyd K. Packer

To learn more about how to strengthen your family and about Family Home Evening click here.

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