The roads around our house have finally dried up enough to get the bikes and stroller out and go for a walk, so that’s just what we did!

spring walk

Camdon loved the ride.  I kept thinking he was going to start fussing with all of the stopping I did to take pictures, but he never did.  He just sat in his stroller as content as could be.
Spring Walk in Alaska

Yes, Mya’s bike really leans to one side.  I have no idea why.

And there is still enough mud to make traveling a bit troublesome when you are little and riding a tricycle.

spring walk2

Hannah had a friend over that day and the 3 girls had fun speeding away on their bikes as fast as they could go.DSC_0317

Note:  This is a giant puddle not a pond.DSC_0321

Throwing rocks in the water.

At about this point, Mya decided to ditch her bike on the side of the road and walk with me.  It was just too hard on a tricycle.DSC_0334


More rocks in the water.  The next morning when I drove past, the water was completely frozen over again.DSC_0358

The road leads down to a small airplane runway.   We like to stop and have a look at the planes,

and sometimes we are lucky enough to watch one take off or land.


Headed home.


1000 Moments of Joy — Moment 191

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living arrows

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