Mom Log:

Sunrise:  7:07 am   Sunset: 8:44 pm

Length of day: 13h 37m 49s    Difference :+ 6m 45s

Temperature High: 41*F   Low:12*F


I went for a walk today.  The weather was glorious. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun felt heavenly on my face.  It was warm enough that I  didn’t even have to wear snow pants or gloves.  I followed the road for a bit and then I turned off onto a snow machine trail. With the nice crust on the snow we have now, it was very easy going as long as I stayed on the trail.  In the summer this area is so uneven and grown over with brush that it is nearly impossible to walk through.

 We have had a lot of moose in our area this winter and I was a bit afraid that a moose would jump out and stomple  (trample and stomp, yes I make up words) me, because moose can be mean.  I thought that since I was mostly out in the open I would easily be able to see one coming, but if one did come there were no trees for me to hide behind.  Thank heaven I didn’t see any.   Our black lab Shelby, did come with me and that afforded me a bit of comfort in that she might be able to distract a moose long enough for me to  find somewhere to hide.  Ahhhhh, the joys of living in Alaska.  By the way, I hear tell that the bears are out of hibernation already.

  Anyway, as I walked  along, while thinking about moose and where to hide, and the glorious sun on my face, and how good it felt, I also thought about The General Women’s broadcast I attended on Saturday.  It was fabulous and so uplifting, and it was wonderful to be able to attend with two of my daughters this year.  Before the broadcast began, our own stake president delivered a message to the sisters in our area.  The part of his message that kept running through my mind was, “You are only as happy as you are grateful.”

 I have so much to be grateful for.  I have a wonderful husband who loves me and tries with all his heart to make me happy.  I have 7  wonderful, fabulous, healthy children, that love me, I have a nice home that keeps out the cold weather, I have a strong, healthy body, and enough food to eat.  I also have a knowledge of God and his plan for me.  I know he loves me and that I am his child.  I am so grateful for all he has given me, and I am happy.

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