DSC_0855_edited-1Christmas Morning 2013


To my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day:

10 Things I love about you

1.  You take your job as husband and father seriously.

2.  You are always doing little nice things that let me know you are thinking of me like bringing me home your Chinese food leftovers from lunch, getting me my favorite treat when you go to the store, and buying me flowers, just because.

3.  You are fun to be with and you make me smile.

4.  You never compromise on your principles.

5.  You are a manly man.

6. You love God.

7.  You plan and make sure we consistently have date nights.

8.  You care deeply about your family and friends.

9. You are such a very hard worker.

10.  You sing songs to the kids at night when you tuck them in bed.

I love you Shawn Douglas.  You will always be my Valentine!

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