KateLynn Hedge Hog

KateLynn HedgehogWho would have thought that such a cute little hedgehog could bring so much drama to the Lowry house.

KateLynn got this adorable little hedgehog planter for her birthday in December.  She lovingly painted it, glued the bow in place on top of the head (on top for females, under the chin for males),  and she carefully planted the seeds in the dirt.  Everyday she watched and waited for those precious, little seeds to sprout and  grow.  Truly, her dedication to her little garden has been inspiring.   Every day she would check it’s progress and give me a full report.   After weeks of carefully tending to her grass garden, the seeds sprouted and grew.

Seeing that she could successfully grow something in her little hedgehog’s dirt back she decided to branch out and expand her little grass garden by gently planting a bean a midst the thriving grass stems.  She informed Mya of the addition to the hedgehog garden, expecting Mya’s joy to be just as full as hers, as Mya had shared in each and every garden joy thus far.  Mya, much to Katie’s surprise, however,  was mortified that KateLynn had planted a bean.  For hours, Mya wailed, cried, and begged KateLynn to remove the bean.  Mya knew a bean would mean trouble for the little garden and for her as well.  Mya informed us all, that while we were sleeping the bean would sprout, shoot upwards to the sky, and enable giants to climb down into her room at night. And of course, a giant in the house would mean certain destruction.

KateLynn, unconvinced of the beans great potential to introduce a giant into the Lowry home,  nonetheless, relented because of all the weeping and wailing on Mya’s part,  and “unplanted” the bean, opting instead, to replant the bean  in secret, a few days later.


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