I’m back to posting my 1000 moments of joy.  1000 Moments of Joy is a personal project to document 1000 moments in my life that have brought me joy.  For me, it’s about taking the time to recognize and acknowledge all the blessings I have in my life and to focus on the joy in my life instead of the negative.  I’m so excited to be continuing on.  (To see my previous moments click here)  Hopefully, I will be posting my weekly moments each Monday.  It was fun for me to think over my week about what had brought me joy, and to take the time to write them down.    It brought a smile to my face as I thought of each of my children and the cute things they had said and  little things they had done for each other.  I was watching and noticing, and my heart was taking pictures all week-long even if my camera wasn’t.

I decided to start where I left off on my last blog instead of starting over, so that brings us to:

162.  Mya wasn’t feeling well one day and was laying on the couch.  KateLynn pulled up a chair next to her, held her hand and sang her a primary song.

163.  KateLynn pretending to heat a snuggle buddy up for herself, and then giving it to Hannah as a surprise.  (At our house a snuggle buddy is a rice bag that we heat in the microwave and use it to keep us warm at night or to cuddle when we are sick.)

164. Shawn made his super-duper scrambled eggs for us for dinner.

165.  Shawn making KateLynn her own over-easy egg for dinner when she said she didn’t like scrambled eggs.  (Usually, it’s “you get what you get” at this house.)

166.  Seeing how excited the kids are for Christmas, and helping Mya write a letter to Santa.

167.  One day last week, I wasn’t feeling well and was laying down.   Logan got me a glass of water and a pillow, and offered to get me a blanket, and he came to me several times and asked me if I needed anything else.

168.  We were on our way to town on Friday, and I had the radio turned to the 24hr. Christmas music station.  We were almost to the store when Hannah said that Mya was crying.  I hadn’t heard any arguing or fighting going on, and I couldn’t think of anything that had happened since we had gotten in the car that would hurt her feelings or make her cry.  I asked her why she was sad and what was wrong.  She said, “I’m not crying because I’m sad.  I’m crying because I’m happy Jesus was born.”   Oh, Holy Night was playing on the radio and she said that it was such a pretty song it made her cry.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

169.  These pictures

Camdo hotel 002

Camdon hotel 020

Camdo hotel 004

Camdo hotel 007

Camdon hotel 023

Camdon hotel 021

Camdon hotel 022

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