Sunday November 17,2013

Time: 10:30 pm

Current temp.: -1* F

Sunrise: 9:35 am    Sunset: 3:36 pm

Length of Day: 6h 1m 45s     Difference of :  -6m 25s

  I think I’ll start with an update on last week’s storm.  In my last post, I mentioned the storm we had been having and how terrible the wind was.    That night we had wind gusts up to 55 miles per/hour, that knocked down trees and shut power down to over 13,000 people in the Fairbanks area. (You can read about it here)  They ended up closing the schools Wednesday through Friday, because of the icy roads and the widespread loss of power, and we learned today that there are still people in our area without power 4 days later.  Thankfully, we never lost power, but it sure makes you evaluate what you would need if the power did go out.  Fortunately, we have a wood burning stove and would be able to cook and stay warm.  Without electricity our big issue would be water.  We have a well that runs on an electric pump.  Things to think about.

Yesterday, we resumed our normal activities.  Hannah and KateLynn are taking gymnastics this year and really love it.  I signed them up for a Saturday class, because I don’t like to be running around during the week too much.  We need to be home so we can really focus on school.  Well, Friday night they were up late and so they were having a hard time Saturday morning getting going and finding all of their clothes.  I was doing carpool duty on my own that morning  while Shawn was removing a tree that had fallen on a church member’s house.  My duties that day included gymnastics and then Jarom’s hockey game directly after gymnastics.  I decided to take the calm approach that morning, figuring that being a few minutes late to gymnastics with calm children and a calm mother was better than being on time with a crazy mother, and grouchy children.  Well, I was wrong.  I got to gymnastics and found out that if you are more than 10 minutes late to class you can’t participate.  You must come back another day and do a makeup class.  Well, do you think the kids and I were calm after that.  I was annoyed that I had driven all the way into town,on the terrible roads,  and would now have to turn around and drive back to town an hour and a half later to take Jarom to his hockey game, because I had nowhere to sit and wait all that time.   And, of course, the girls were disappointed and crying that they couldn’t do their class that they had been looking forward to all week.

On a good note, Jarom’s team won their hockey game, and after 5 games are still undefeated.  Way to go Jarom!

Saturday night, I took my 3rd trip to town that day and took 7 young men and young women  (3 were mine) to hear an apostle of the Lord speak.   He gave some wonderful counsel to the youth.  I will post more about what he said in an upcoming post.

And now what you have all been waiting for:  Pictures of that cute baby!   Hannah took these last Sunday while I was eating my Sunday dinner.  I thought she did a great job.  Maybe I’ll hire her out to take pictures for me.  Should I feel good or bad that her pictures are as good as mine?

collage 1 collage 2 collage 3 collage 4

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