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It’s midnight and I am waiting for Shawn to come home.  He went to Anchorage today.  His 9:00 flight home was canceled, because of bad weather.  Luckily, he was able to fly out just 2 hours later than expected.  He just landed and he should be home soon. I’m praying the roads aren’t too bad and that God will get him safely here.   The wind is howling wildly tonight, in fact it there are supposed to be gusts up to 40 miles/hr,  which is odd for our neck of the woods.  (Right now, I’m mentally going through everything in the yard that could possible blow away).   The wind very rarely blows here, which is nice.  I mean if it’s going to be in the negative digits 9 months of the year, who wants wind on top of that.

Right now it’s 40*F, and that’s above zero.  Weird for this time of year.  Public School was canceled because we had snow mixed with freezing rain today, and it will most likely be canceled again tomorrow.  Yippee, that means I don’t have to get up early and take Tabetha and Jarom to seminary.   Whoops, did I say that out loud?  I tell Shawn all the time, usually at 6:00 in the morning, that there must be a special place in heaven for all parents who get up and take their kids to early morning seminary, especially in the winter in AK.

Monday, I was too lazy to take them.  Is that extremely terrible of me.  Shawn had the day off (Veterans day), and Sunday night I thought about how nice it would be to just sleep in and enjoy not having to get up and go out into the icy winter.  So that’s just what I did.  I slept in and enjoyed it.  I can’t sleep in on Saturdays, the girls have gymnastics.  And I can’t sleep in on Sundays, because we have 9:00 church, and this Sunday I had to get up extra early and finish writing my talk that I had to give that day.  Anyway, on Tuesday, after enjoying a wonderful sleep-in morning on Monday and enjoying not going anywhere that whole day, Tabetha says to me, “Wasn’t I supposed to go to testing yesterday.”  I about peed my pants right there.  Tabetha had mandatory testing for all juniors on Monday that she was ABSOLUTELY  not supposed to miss.  How could I forget that????  And how come Tabetha can remember first thing on Tuesday morning, but not remember Sunday or Monday.  Aaaaahhhhhh, I contacted our homeschool teacher, very reluctantly I might add, by email, so I didn’t have to talk to her face to face, I might add, and Tabetha is scheduled for a make up test on Friday.  Here’s to hoping I don’t forget.

I was supposed to take all of the kids into the dentist today, but I called and rescheduled because of the bad weather.  I told the receptionist that since Shawn was out of town I had no one to rescue me or pull me out of the ditch if I went off the road, so we are officially rescheduled.   Usually, life just carries on normally around here no matter the weather, but with the freezing rain and wind it’s scary outside.

Yah, I just heard the truck door close.  My prayers were answered.  He’s home!  Life is always sweeter when he’s home.  I’m going to bed now, and hopefully, I will get to sleep in again tomorrow.

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