I made this chart 5 years ago.  A chart to log 500 books read by the Lowry family.   I started it as a motivation to get everyone in our family to read.  I’ve never had a problem getting Tabetha to read, but my boys were a bit more reluctant.


How it worked was, each time someone read a book they wrote the name of the book on the poster and then colored in one of the squares in their color. Everyone had a different color to represent them.  I am red, Shawn green, Jarom black, etc.


Tabetha was pink.  Tabetha wasn’t very good at logging her books.  If she had been we would have been done years ago.  About once a year, she would write down a list of the books she could remember that she had read recently, and she would color her squares in.   I’m glad she  didn’t record everything she read, because it gave everyone else the chance to work for it.


 I told the kids when we completed the chart and read 500 books we would go to Anchorage and go to H2Oasis.  (It’s an indoor water park.)

  I chose 500 books because I didn’t want it to be something we could just finish in a month or two, without any real effort.  I wanted it to be something that we all  had to work for and, when we were done we could say, “Wow, we really did something great,” and feel a real sense of accomplishment.

This poster has been on my back door now for 5 years, reminding everyone to read.


Well, yesterday we finally completed our chart.

Yay, we did something awesome.! We read over 500 books as a family!  

H2Oasis here we come!

 I’ll post a list of the books I read soon.

Are all your children avid readers or do you have to find creative ways to motivate some of them to read?

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